In order to begin cooking......

Press the OK button in front of the stove

To cook, select either「Original」 or 「Recipe」

  • 「Recipe」will allow you to cook from Siela's recipe book.
  • 「Original」 will allow you to cook freely by selecting 1 to 4 special ingredients

​Once you have successfully made an original recipe, it will be added under「Recipe」

  • 「Salt」,「Eggplant」,and 「Bare Hands」 would make "Salted Eggplant".

If you would like to try making a different salted vegetable then....

See? You get the idea!

Hint RecipesEdit

The recipes that are written in blue are「Hint Recipes」. In short, you will see ??? in place of various ingredients. You can create a new recipe by filling in the ??? in the cooking selection:「Original」.

You can also gain「Hint Recipes」 by obtaining special ingredients, reading books, opening treasure chests, or talking to people. Discover new recipes this way to broaden your menu list!

The MenuEdit

When you successfully make a dish, tell Kamerina! She can add it to the menu. Once you are happy with the menu, select「Open Store」to make some money! With the money you made, you can buy ingredients, tools, and recipes!

Ingredients & DungeonsEdit

You can only buy a certain amount of ingredients per day. However, if you go to the dungeons outside the city, you can get ingredients for FREE!

Monsters populate the dungeons! Carry items and equipments that will aid you in your challenge.

  • Menu→Equipment

Please remember, you can only enter one dungeon per day.

Collecting IngredientsEdit

You can collect items in the dungeons by walking over them. The ingredients will appear in the dungeon again by the next day. Ingredients you can find may vary depending on the season.


Your best friend in this game will be stealing. If you intend to complete the Secret Catalog or even get super rare equips from instance bosses then steal from them as often as you can. However, each monster only carries 1 steal-able item. It will become difficult to complete the Catalog if you forget to steal from an instance monster, for example.

Leveling UpEdit

Note: You will NOT level up by defeating monsters. You must eat to gain EXP. 

On the other hand, you will receive EP when you defeat your enemies. EP is used for learning new skills.

In-App PurchasesEdit

These are completely optional and not required to complete the game in its fullest extent. You can purchase "Jewels" by selecting the tab labelled 「JEWEL」 on the main menu. They can be used to buy rare 「Import」 items at Fred's shop. However, these same items can also be looted from or dropped by the mobs you will meet in the dungeon.

You can also spend Jewels to cook in your shop. The number of jewels necessary to unlock hidden recipes vary from dish to dish. You are given 5 Jewels at the beginning of the game.

Good luck!