Conditions to trigger instance: To complete this particular chain of side instances, once you are able to make a pizza, visit Moguani every day down in the well. At the end of this chain (consecutively selling him a pizza for 800G for 5 days), he will gift you recipes. Interact with him to initiate the conversation.


  • Moguani: I'm hungry... Do you have pizza with you?
  • Siela: (I do, but should I share?)

-select share-

  • Siela: Are you sure?
  • Moguani: Thank you so so much! It looks so good! Delicious!
  • Siela: You like pizza, don't you?
  • Moguani: It's my favorite!!! Here is the money.

-got 800G-

  • Siela: All of this?
  • Moguani: It's the price I would pay.
  • Siela: Okay, if you say so... Thank you.