Conditions to trigger the instance: Have Alfine join your party.



Trying to enter the School of Wizardry will trigger the following conversation:

  • Siela: HEY!
  • Alfine: Be careful! Oh... it's you, Siela! Why are you here?
  • S: No reason really. Where are you going Alfine?
  • A: I need to go to the book tower.
  • S: Book tower?
  • A: In this tower there are a variety of books regarding the laws of magic.
  • S: I didn't know that!
  • A: There might even be a book you will be interested in! I'll teach you the spell to open the door. Pa Moss De Isca.
  • S: Pa Moss.... De Isca?
  • A: Yes, that's right. If you say it once, then the door will let you go in and out freely! I have to go look up some things. Good bye.
  • S: (I guess I will check it out later)

A successful spell!

  • Siela: What was the spell again...? Pa Moss De Isca... Was that correct?
  • Magical Door: SPELL CONFIRMED.
  • Siela: Wow! It talked!


Middle Bookcase: Found and read Intro to Alchemy.「Spike Bomb」, 「Poison Bomb」 added to Recipe Book!

Top Bookcase: Found and read Bianso Style Cooking. 「Beets Creme」, 「Raisin Bread」, 「Gratin」 added to Recipe Book!


Left Bookcase: Found and read Three Little Pigs - After Story. 「Ham」, 「Bacon」, 「Sausage」 added to Recipe Book.


Top Bookcase: Found and read Eastern Diaries. 「Udon」,  「Salted Daikon」,  「Miso Riceball」 added to Recipe Book

Bottom Bookcase: Found and read Breakfast at Tea Honeys. 「Ham & Egg」, 「Coffee」, 「Pancake」 added to Recipe Book!

Behind the Wall: Secret Catalog added to Inventory