Here is a list of the dungeons and what can be found in each. 

Casselburg Brusso Meadows Forest of Nus Ostenlein Otts Cave Silkreef
Port City of Lar Otts Fall / Lake Gilbert's Path Fire Island Mount Gilbert ???
Desert City of Guid Western Desert Purple Forest Amiel Villa Mount Trulus Whale Bay

Casselburg Edit

Sugar *33 Salt *33 Honey *10 Vinegar *12 Soy Sauce *10 Black Pepper *5
Yellow Spice 3 Red Spice *3 Miso *12 Mayonnaise *5 Ketchup *5 Olive Oil *10
Herb *5 Eggplant *12 Potato *33 Carrot *3 Garlic *5 Onion *8
Lettuce *16 Cabbage *33 Bean *18 Cucumber *6 Daikon *18 Beet *18
Napa *18 Tomato *10 Strawberry *24 Apple *3 Grape *3 Flour *33
Bread *12 Pasta *12 Udon *10 Pie Dough *12 Pizza Dough *10 Rice *24
Egg *33 Milk *33 Chicken *24 Pork *24 Beef *24 Tea Leaves *16
Tofu *12 Barrel *16 Jar *16
Kitchen Dishes
Pizza Chicken Curry Black Pasta Royal Tea Tempura Bowl
Mushroom Rice 2 Sauteed Grilled Tung Fire Jiigae Dragon Steak
Bottled Cure S Bottled Cure M Bottled Cure L Bottled Mana S Bottled Mana M
Bottled Mana L Panacea
Fruit Knife Broad Sword Axe Short Spear Rod
Short Bow Lid Buckler Thick Coat Acetone
Robe Head Band Wiz Hat Half Helm Mitten
Gloves Boots
Mayonnaise Ketchup Gelatin Coffee Beans Bread Crumbs
Pasta Pizza Dough Stock Creme Sauce Pickled Beets
Cucumber Stick Vegie Sandwich Eggsalad Sandwich Ham Sandwich Potato Salad
Chicken Salad Beef Carpaccio Melon Parfait Plain Udon Miso Soup 1
Carrot Soup Smoked Egg Strawberry Jam Grilled Ham Vegie Stir Fry
Napolitan Bolognese Vegie Juice Carrot Bread Pork Croquette
Wine Beer
Imports Item
Elixir Holy Water Magic Rope Metabolizer Spike Bomb +
Imports Equip
Long Sword King's Sword Zweihander Thortonis Tabar
Trident King's Spear Ruby Wand Wizard's Wand Hoplon
Kite Shield Battle Suit Silk Robe Ironmail Ring of Might
Shamrock Samurai Soul Weapon Master Silver Spoon Spirit Comb
Amuletta Charm of Root
Imports Material
Pinshroom Garuda Egg Tung Seafood Eel
Salmon Creme Sauce

Mini event Edit

  • Down the Dry Well
  • Tidying Up the Attic