Conditions to Trigger Instance: Reach Rank ☆. It occurs at the start of the second day of reaching the rank.


  • Fred: Hey, how's it going? Don't forget you can only level up by eating food!
  • Siela: There aren't many dishes I can make... I need a variety of ingredients! But, I don't have enough money!
  • Fred: That's bad news. I wish I had enough money to help you out... 
  • Siela: Oh no... What should I do?
  • Fred: It's a secret, okay? There's this place where you can find all sorts of things. Up north from the prairie, you will see a forest. There you can find all sorts of ingredients!!
  • Siela: Really? For free? That's even better! So... why is it that you didn't want to tell me?
  • Fred: That's because there are enemies that could attack you. Don't go alone. Siela, just make sure to go with me. Then you should be fine.
  • Siela: Oh... now I'm a bit scared. I'll follow you lead.