Conditions to trigger the instance: Make an 「Apple Pie」or a「Peach Pie」.

Ingredients needed are apple, pie dough, and egg, all available from Marcus' Item Shop.


  • Siela: I did it! Yumm... Smells delicious!

  • Kamerina: Oh, so sorry! We're not open just yet!
  • Strange Girl: I smell apple pie!
  • Siela: Yes... freshly baked! How could you tell?
  • Strange Girl: You can smell it from miles away! How much a slice?
  • S: We're still not ready to open... What shall we do, sis?
  • K: Let's just let her in.
  • S: Alright! Have a seat! Here's the apple pie! Dig in!
  • SG: It looks so good!!
  • S: Wow she's taking her apple pie very seriously.
  • SG: Yum yum....... YOU made this apple pie?
  • S: Yes. Anything wrong?
  • SG: Hmmm..... How much is this?
  • S: 250G
  • SG: What?
  • S: Is... Is it too expensive?
  • SG: No, no! Not at all. I'd pay more for this taste!!!
  • S: Wow, thank you so much.
  • SG: I love desserts! I actually like to try and compare desserts from different restaurants! I heard Cassel Garden makes good desserts, but I personally didn't like it one bit. It was insanely expensive and plus I gained weight after that. You don't have a dessert that makes you lose weight, do you? I know I'm asking for too much. But if there was a dessert like that I'd buy it everyday!
  • S: No... we don't have anything like that. Maybe in the future... I currently don't have the ingredients nor the recipe for that.
  • SG: Well then. While you make other desserts, I'll help you gather ingredients. I will make sure you make a dessert that helps you lose weight though! Just kidding. I like you and this restaurant. I would love to help.
  • S: Thanks, I'll need it. I'll try my best.
  • Alfine: By the way, I'm Alfine! I'm a student at the School of Wizardry. Come by anytime! Here's 250G. Thanks again!