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"Kamerina's Bar" Edit

An ordinary bar in the world of an RPG, where adventurers gather to share information, and sometimes even look for companions. Kamerina's bar is facing a hostile take over by a rich restaurant owner, Gustav. He is a powerful man and will try to drive you out of business, forcing you to sell the bar! Best way to defend the take over?


Become the most popular bar in town, so even Gustav can't touch you!

Game play Edit

This is a bar owner simulation game combined with traditional turn based RPG and is completely playable without spending extra money on optional jewels. With each party containing a max of 3 characters, you enter one of the world map dungeons once a day to collect ingredients and battle the monsters within for their share of the loot. However, unlike the average RPG, experience points are gained via eating the dishes prepared at your restaurant. Therefore it's important not to neglect the kitchen! Food prepared from the kitchen, if not eaten by your characters, can go straight to the menu for your hungry customers. 

Pay attention to your sales! Progress is measured in both your sales and the total points accrued from competing in the cooking league once every 10 days. Your rank is indicated by the silver and/or gold stars around the calendar on your menu. Silver counts for a rank point and gold counts for 2 rank points. Hence, reaching rank 3 is equivalent to 1 gold star and 1 silver star around the calendar on the menu.

Happy cooking!